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Readyplug USB Cable for Charging BlackBerry Key2 Phone (6 Inch, Black)-USB Cable-ReadyPlug


USB Cable for Charging BlackBerry Key2 Phone (6 Inch)

$ 16.99

This 6-inch ReadyPlug cable is guaranteed to work with the BlackBerry Key2 Phone. This extra short cord is great for eliminating mess and clutter for a clean and organized look. The short length allows your device to be set down and left to sync or charge, helping to reduce strain on the device port, and keeping the cable out of the way. This cable easily tucks away when on the go or when traveling. Providing both Data transfer and USB power to sync and charge the BlackBerry Key2 Phone. Simply plug into any USB port (rate of charge depends on USB port used.) The cable is protected from EMI/RFI interference with an outer foil shield, inner braid shield and twisted-pair composition to ensure performance. ~ ReadyPlug Lifetime Warranty ~

Color: Black

Length: 6 Inches